StimuRuFES… RuFES: Meet the Federal Stimulus Package!

What does the 2009 economic stimulus package (AKA: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) got to do with—and for—RuFES? What are the top two or three opportunities in the stimulus package that might help RuFES action teams Earn It? And Keep It? And Grow It? How can your community access and influence stimulus funds? What general opportunities in the package might help your entire RuFES effort?

Get some answers in the following materials:

  1. A recording of the StimuRuFES webinar presented on May 14, 2009.
  2. PowerPoint presentation on StimuRuFES, used in the webinar.
  3. An eight-page handout on ARRA resources to help you track and learn about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
  4. A one-page handout on ARRA tax credit programs, and how they can help low-income working families.
RuFES is a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group.
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