Roll Your Change Week

Roll Your Change Week (RYCW) is an event designed to encourage individuals and families to start saving. Community members gather the coins they have saved and found in their homes and carry them to a central event location-where volunteers roll the coins for them. People are encouraged to deposit their rolled coins into existing accounts or to open new accounts. Participants are often offered incentives to save, and provided with financial education information.

Roll Your Change Week can be replicated in your rural community or really just about anywhere. Successful RYCW programs take a basic idea and create significant community impact-helping savers convert the pennies in their pockets and the quarters from their couches into tens of thousands of dollars of savings per year in smaller communities. Organizers have found that many RYCW savers not only save the change that is rolled during the event, but also begin to save more consistently over the long term.

  1. A recording of the Roll Your Change Week webinar presented on August 17, 2010.  Note: Due to a technological problem with our webinar provider, there are 27-second sections of silence every ten minutes of the webinar recording. 
  2. The accompanying PowerPoint presentation on Roll Your Change Week (used in the webinar).
  3. A series of informative handouts:
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