Car Repair and Car Donation Programs as an Earn It Strategy

Access to reliable transportation is an essential part of holding a good job or getting to a job-training program. Yet for some low- and moderate-income families, this basic Earn It component can be a challenge.

The ideal option for any rural working family is to own a new or late-model car. These vehicles are the most reliable—but for many rural families they are financially out of reach. Public transit service, a low-cost alternative, is an inefficient and unrealistic option in most rural communities. The most realistic option for many low- and moderate-income families, therefore, is to repair a car the family already owns or obtain a donated or low-cost used car.

These are resources that can help you bring effective and sustainable car repair and car donation programs to your community:

  1. Gotta Get ‘em to Work, a video recording of the November 16, 2010 RuFES ReFresher webinar.
  2. An accompanying PowerPoint presentation on rural transport (used in the webinar).
  3. A page that lists some of the most informative resources for organizations seeking to establish car repair and car donation programs.
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