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RuFES ReFresher Webinar

Preparing a First-Rate Rural EITC Campaign: A Two-Part Webinar
Thursday, November 8, 2012

This RuFES ReFresher webinar has concluded. Please check back soon for copies of the presentations, a list of resources, and videos from the sessions.

Is it that time already?! Yes, it’s almost tax season, and communities and organizations are racing to prepare for 2012-tax-year efforts. If your community plans to operate or take part in an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program in early 2013, it’s time to get going!

It’s also time for the annual RuFES Refresher Webinar on the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and rural EITC programs. This will be a two-part webinar, with each session having a different focus.

November 8, 2012: RuFES Refresher Webinar

2:00 to 2:50 EST – Session I
Session I: Essential Ingredients for Successful EITC Campaigns: Program Basics, Updates, and Resources for Rural Communities, will provide an overview of the EITC and CTC, a summary of updates and changes for this upcoming tax season, and resources to strengthen your program.

3:00 to 4:00 EST – Session II
Session II: Stories from the Field: Exemplary EITC Programs in Rural Communities,will include several examples of creative rural tax prep programs and how they leverage the EITC to contribute to Earn It, Keep It, Grow It outcomes in their communities.

Register NOW for one or both of the webinar sessions!

The EITC, in place since 1975, continues to play an important role in providing critical financial resources to hard-working low-income families across the U.S. In 2013, working families filing for the EITC (for the 2012 tax year) will be able to receive up to $5,891, a significant boost for families who are trying not only to get by but get ahead.

We know that when rural families do better, so do rural communities! Not only does the EITC help reduce family poverty, it encourages work and boosts local economic activity. Therefore, community leaders have every reason to launch or expand local EITC and free tax assistance efforts – especially when, according to national estimates, 20 to 25 percent of eligible workers do not claim their well-earned EITC benefits!

Please join our webinar to learn more about how to support and expand a first-rate EITC program this tax season!

There is no cost to participate, but you must pre-register and indicate which session(s) you plan to attend. Once you register, you will receive a message from GoToWebinar with instructions and the link you will need to join the webinar on November 8th.

If you have questions, please contact us!

Your RuFES Action Team,
Janet Topolsky, Travis Green, and Kristin Feierabend

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