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Mentorship Programs for Immigrants

The Basic Idea: Help immigrants and refugees in rural communities learn – in an informal setting – about cultural practices, language, and resources available in the U.S. so they can successfully integrate into schools, workplaces, and communities. How it Works: Establish the scope and goals of the mentoring program Designate volunteer mentorship coordinator(s) Recruit long-term […]

Children’s Savings Accounts

The Basic Idea: Help children, youth and their families save towards the purchase of an appreciating asset upon reaching adulthood so that economic status will not be a barrier to the young person’s path to success. How it works: Children and youth are provided with a specialized savings account that they can access and use […]

Build a Rural Community Endowment Fund

 The Basic Idea: Build a permanent pool of locally-controlled philanthropic resources to help rural communities and families by soliciting charitable contributions in the community and beyond.

Internet Access Campaign

The Basic Idea: Help low-income people get Internet access to increase their ability to access information and services.

Recruiting College-Level Classes to Rural Places

The Basic Idea: Make college-level courses available in rural areas that lack a local community college, so people can access the education and skills they need to find and land higher-paid jobs.

Public-Private Partnerships

The Basic Idea: Bring business and public (government) or nonprofit resources together to develop and offer workforce training that meets a business’s specific needs and provides workers with good career opportunities.


The Basic Idea: Provide an affordable alternative to high cost money transfer operators (MTOs) for immigrants living in the U.S. to remit much needed funds to their family and friends abroad.

Town Welcome Center

The Basic Idea: Help your community grow and thrive by creating a space and/or resource to connect new residents with culturally competent services, resources and opportunities.

Workplace English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) / Occupational English

The Basic Idea: Teach English to workers or potential workers who don’t speak English as their first language — tailored to a specific workplace’s tasks and needs.

Payroll Savings Plans

The Basic Idea: Encourage families to have savings taken out of their paychecks – making saving easier and reducing the temptation to spend earnings right away.

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