Earn It Goal 1
Job seekers have the basic life skills—attitudes, behaviors and reliability—to succeed in jobs in their region.

Common Sense
  • Employers value and promote workers who show up when expected, work hard, and get along with their co-workers.

Fast Facts
  • U.S. manufacturers cite a lack of basic employability skills – including attendance, timeliness, and work ethic – as the most common shortcoming of employees. (NAM, Skills Gap Report, 2011)
  • 70.3% of employers report that employees with a high school diploma are “deficient” in their professionalism and work ethic. (P21, Are They Really Ready to Work? 2006)

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Mentorship Programs for Immigrants

The Basic Idea: Help immigrants and refugees in rural communities learn – in an informal setting – about cultural practices, language, and resources available in the U.S. so they can successfully integrate into schools, workplaces, and communities. How it Works: Establish the scope and goals of the mentoring program Designate volunteer mentorship coordinator(s) Recruit long-term […]

Job Coaching

The Basic Idea: Provide individuals with one-on-one coaching – before and after they get a job – to help them meet employers’ expectations. How it works: The Job Coach assesses the worker’s basic skills and helps address any skill deficit that reduces employability, especially by helping the worker learn appropriate workplace behavior and communications skills, […]

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