Earn It Goal 2
Job seekers have the basic workplace skills—communication, language, math and technology—to succeed in jobs in their region.

Common Sense
  • Employers value and promote workers who can read, write and speak well, and who can communicate effectively in diverse workplaces.
  • Employers value and promote workers who are able learners and can listen, follow directions, analyze, solve problems, cooperate and work in teams.

  • Fast Facts
  • 30 million U.S. adults function at the “below basic” level of literacy skill and 11 million adults are at the “nonliterate in English” level. National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 2003
  • More than 80% of U.S. manufacturers report a shortage of qualified workers which is affecting their ability to meet consumer demands. NAM, Skills Gap Report, 2011

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    Mentorship Programs for Immigrants

    The Basic Idea: Help immigrants and refugees in rural communities learn – in an informal setting – about cultural practices, language, and resources available in the U.S. so they can successfully integrate into schools, workplaces, and communities. How it Works: Establish the scope and goals of the mentoring program Designate volunteer mentorship coordinator(s) Recruit long-term […]

    Recruiting College-Level Classes to Rural Places

    The Basic Idea: Make college-level courses available in rural areas that lack a local community college, so people can access the education and skills they need to find and land higher-paid jobs.

    Public-Private Partnerships

    The Basic Idea: Bring business and public (government) or nonprofit resources together to develop and offer workforce training that meets a business’s specific needs and provides workers with good career opportunities.

    Town Welcome Center

    The Basic Idea: Help your community grow and thrive by creating a space and/or resource to connect new residents with culturally competent services, resources and opportunities.

    Workplace English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) / Occupational English

    The Basic Idea: Teach English to workers or potential workers who don’t speak English as their first language — tailored to a specific workplace’s tasks and needs.

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