Earn It Goal 5
Workers have a reliable, affordable and efficient means of transport to get to their jobs.

Common Sense
  • Very few rural areas have viable public or private transportation alternatives that workers can use to get to job locations.
  • In rural areas, workers must own reliable, trustworthy cars to land and keep their jobs.
  • Many rural workers are one auto repair away from job loss and bankruptcy.
  • Rural families are more affected by increasing gas prices due to the longer distances they generally must travel.
  • Lack of a driver’s license is also an obstacle for some rural workers who, either because of policy or legal status, are unable to obtain licenses. This is especially true for recent immigrants.

Fast Facts

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The Business Case for Helping Rural Families Get Ahead

PBS Special on Working Bridges

Doing business in smaller communities requires finding good employees from a smaller pool of workers. Retaining those good employees can be the difference between profits and loss, or between staying put and relocating.  So why, many rural employers wonder, do their businesses experience such high turnover in the ranks of their low-to-moderate wage workforce? Isn’t […]

How much does it cost for a business to replace an employee?

The Center for American Progress conducted a review of 30 academic studies that approximated the cost of replacing a worker who left the job due to firing or quitting. Their review concluded that the cost of replacing a worker averages around 10% to 30% of the worker’s annual salary. In other words, not having to […]

Drive it Down! The High Cost of Auto Insurance for Rural Families

Owning a safe, reliable, efficient and affordable car can help a low-income rural family move from surviving to thriving. Research by the Carsey Institute shows that a good car not only increases a family’s access to jobs, health care, and nutritious food, it can also reduce household expenses and improve a family’s financial outlook. But […]

Car Purchase Programs

The Basic Idea: Help low-income rural families purchase new or late-model, fuel-efficient, reliable cars. How it works: A nonprofit organization creates a car dealership to sell cars to low-income families – or partners with another nonprofit that already has a dealership to obtain cars. The dealership buys late-model, fuel-efficient, reliable cars at auction or buys […]

Car Repair and Car Donation Programs as an Earn It Strategy

Access to reliable transportation is an essential part of holding a good job or getting to a job-training program. Yet for some low- and moderate-income families, this basic Earn It component can be a challenge. The ideal option for any rural working family is to own a new or late-model car. These vehicles are the […]

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