Combining Tax Prep and Affordable Health Insurance

A Wealthier and Healthier Tax Time The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) launch in October brought big changes to the coming tax-filing season.  This year only, health insurance enrollment under ACA will overlap with tax season.  While penalties will apply in future tax seasons, this year, families can enroll in health insurance and get the coverage […]

Webinar: Deep South Wealth Creation Network helps rural families earn it!

The Deep South Wealth Creation Network is helping African American farmers in the Deep South EARN more from their land.  The network assists farmers in upgrading their skills and credentials over time (Earn It Goal 9) so they can increase their yields and increase their sales.  The fantastic work of the network was profiled at a recent conference on […]

Now Enter the Marketplace!

Ensuring Rural Family Health Insurance — As anyone with an ear on the news knows, the new health insurance marketplaces launched October 1. These state-based online health insurance marketplaces, a key feature of the 2010 Affordable Care Act [ACA], offer a singular opportunity for RuFES network members: You can now apply your place-based, RuFES-honed wisdom […]

Drive it Down! The High Cost of Auto Insurance for Rural Families

Owning a safe, reliable, efficient and affordable car can help a low-income rural family move from surviving to thriving. Research by the Carsey Institute shows that a good car not only increases a family’s access to jobs, health care, and nutritious food, it can also reduce household expenses and improve a family’s financial outlook. But […]

Contextual Vocational Education

The Basic Idea: Provide youth entering the job market with the opportunity to learn a job skill—on the job—while completing their education. How it works: A school or other organization partners with industry to train youth for the skills in a specific job, while they are in high school or just after graduation—often in conjunction […]

Job Coaching

The Basic Idea: Provide individuals with one-on-one coaching – before and after they get a job – to help them meet employers’ expectations. How it works: The Job Coach assesses the worker’s basic skills and helps address any skill deficit that reduces employability, especially by helping the worker learn appropriate workplace behavior and communications skills, […]

Mapping Career Pathways

The Basic Idea: Map out paths families can follow to advance in a career and gain better jobs in their area. How it works: Identify fields in your region offering good jobs with advancement opportunities. Figure out the specific progression of jobs for each field, starting at the most basic and progressing to the most […]

Car Purchase Programs

The Basic Idea: Help low-income rural families purchase new or late-model, fuel-efficient, reliable cars. How it works: A nonprofit organization creates a car dealership to sell cars to low-income families – or partners with another nonprofit that already has a dealership to obtain cars. The dealership buys late-model, fuel-efficient, reliable cars at auction or buys […]

Car Repair and Car Donation Programs as an Earn It Strategy

Access to reliable transportation is an essential part of holding a good job or getting to a job-training program. Yet for some low- and moderate-income families, this basic Earn It component can be a challenge. The ideal option for any rural working family is to own a new or late-model car. These vehicles are the […]

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