Grow It Goal 4
Families maintain and retain the value of any owned or inherited land and property.

Common Sense
  • Housing typically loses value unless owners maintain and improve them.
  • Due to fewer resources, low-income families have more difficulty maintaining their homes, causing a reduction in the rates of return.
  • Except in high-amenity places, housing value may not appreciate much in rural areas; in fact, it may depreciate.
  • If housing does not appreciate, it may become a liability. Families may not be able to sell their houses, which can trap them in one place or cause financial ruin.
  • Manufactured homes in cooperatively owned parks maintain value and appreciate.
  • Rural housing is generally at a greater risk of damage due to extreme weather.

Fast Facts
  • Manufactured homes make up a significant proportion of the homes in rural areas. REF
  • Manufactured homes in “resident-owned communities” (ROCs) sell for 12% more per square foot and sell faster than homes in “investor-owned communities.” REF
  • 60% of substandard housing units in non-metropolitan areas are occupied by owners, compared to a rate of 38% in urban area. REF

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