Grow It Goal 6
Family members increasingly participate in community activities and hold leadership roles.

Common Sense
  • Community participation is vital in building a healthy community.
  • People who own homes and have growing stakes in the community participate more in community activities, leadership and decisionmaking.
  • Active participation in community activities reinforces a commitment to the future of the community.

Fast Facts
  • Communities with high rates of participation are more likely to apply for and receive funding than those with lower levels of participation. REF
  • Active civic engagement in a community often leads to higher rates of resource acquisition and use, as well as higher levels of volunteerism. REF
  • Communities with greater financial assets tend to be more civically involved and some research suggests that building assets encourages more civic involvement by low-income, low-wealth people. REF

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Town Welcome Center

The Basic Idea: Help your community grow and thrive by creating a space and/or resource to connect new residents with culturally competent services, resources and opportunities.

Roll Your Change Week

Roll Your Change Week (RYCW) is an event designed to encourage individuals and families to start saving. Community members gather the coins they have saved and found in their homes and carry them to a central event location-where volunteers roll the coins for them. People are encouraged to deposit their rolled coins into existing accounts […]

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