Grow It Goal 8
Family purchasing power, productivity and entrepreneurship strengthens local businesses.

Common Sense
  • Ongoing investment in a business helps increase the value of the business asset over time.
  • Locally owned businesses are more likely to reinvest in the community and less likely to leave.
  • Children who grow up in a family business are more likely to succeed economically.
  • Buying local creates an interconnection between producers and consumers, making them more aware of the impact of their buying and purchasing decisions on their neighbors.

Fast Facts
  • Spending $100 at an independent business produces an additional $68 in local economic activity, while spending that same $100 at a chain only creates $43 worth of local impact. REF
  • For every square foot occupied by a local firm, the local impact is $179, while every square foot occupied by a chain firm only creates a local impact of $105. REF
  • Farmers receive an average of less than 10 cents of every dollar spent on food – the rest of the money goes to processors, distributors, and suppliers. At farmers markets, 90% of the profits go straight to the local farmer. REF

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