Pre-College Assistance Programs

The Basic Idea: Increase the opportunities for promising “at-risk” students to go to college and increase their lifetime earning potential. How it works: Identify low-income students who show the academic promise to go to college, but face formidable economic and social barriers. Help students with school achievement through tutoring and counseling. Provide guidance with the […]

The IDA Match: The Gift that Keeps on Giving in Rural Communities

The holiday season comes with the annual barrage of messages about the great deals and ways to save on gifts. Fortunately, there are more ways to save than just shopping for bargains! In rural communities, Individual Development Accounts are like a gift that keeps on giving. These matched savings accounts provide both a 2-for-1 (at […]

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

The Basic Idea: Create asset-restricted savings programs for low-income families, which include matching government and private funds to further encourage savings. How it works: Families agree to save a small amount each pay period or every month towards purchasing an asset—usually within one to three years. Eligible assets include homes, businesses and higher education—sometimes automobiles and […]

Roll Your Change Week

Roll Your Change Week (RYCW) is an event designed to encourage individuals and families to start saving. Community members gather the coins they have saved and found in their homes and carry them to a central event location-where volunteers roll the coins for them. People are encouraged to deposit their rolled coins into existing accounts […]

Rural IDAs

Earning It isn’t enough to lift families out of poverty—they have to Keep It and Grow It too. Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are one of the most successful and tested ways to help families Keep It and Grow It. But there are special challenges and opportunities when you start and run an IDA program in a rural place. The basics […]

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