Keep It Action Ideas

On this page you will find specific Action Ideas that rural communities are using to help families plant their feet firmly on the Keep It road toward family economic success. Each Action Idea Profile details useful information about how the Idea works, what it takes to mount it—including a degree-of-simplicity index—and some key resources to help you along the way. Always remember: One size does not fit all. Which RuFES Action Ideas make sense vary by community. Something that is difficult in one place might be relatively easy in another. So start where you are: Learn about the low-income working families in your community, the barriers and opportunities they face, and the resources you have in place to build on before you decide which ideas to pursue.

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Children’s Savings Accounts

The Basic Idea: Help children, youth and their families save towards the purchase of an appreciating asset upon reaching adulthood so that economic status will not be a barrier to the young person’s path to success. How it works: Children and youth are provided with a specialized savings account that they can access and use […]

Build a Rural Community Endowment Fund

 The Basic Idea: Build a permanent pool of locally-controlled philanthropic resources to help rural communities and families by soliciting charitable contributions in the community and beyond.

Internet Access Campaign

The Basic Idea: Help low-income people get Internet access to increase their ability to access information and services.


The Basic Idea: Provide an affordable alternative to high cost money transfer operators (MTOs) for immigrants living in the U.S. to remit much needed funds to their family and friends abroad.

Health Care Access Initiatives

The Basic Idea: Work with health care institutions and community groups to decrease the cost of health care and improve access for low-income families. How it works—The Essentials: Many models exist including: State Children’s Health Insurance Programs—which increase access to insurance for a state’s children. Cost reduction initiatives whereby a community group negotiates with health care […]

Health Insurance Enrollment at VITA Sites

(Jan – March 2014 Only) The Basic Idea: From January to March 2014 offer health insurance enrollment assistance as a part of your Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) efforts. How it works: Train VITA volunteers to be Certified Application Counselors (CACs) or identify CACs/Navigators to offer health insurance enrollment support at VITA sites. Provide tax […]

Earned Income and Child Tax Credit Campaigns

The Basic Idea: Pull out all the stops to let families know they may qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and other tax credits, like the Child Tax Credit (CTC). How it works: A community coalition gathers to plan a campaign. Media are enlisted to run Public Service Announcements or paid ads. Ad content […]

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