Integrating Affordable Health Insurance into Tax Prep Programs

Peer Learning Session Schedule:

Session Date Tentative Topics*
One January 16
1 to 2:30 PM Eastern
VITA intake process and asking about insurance;
training for volunteers
Two February 13
1 to 2:30 PM Eastern
Rural outreach strategies; tough insurance questions;
streamlining the process
Three March 13
1 to 2:30 PM Eastern
Planning for the final push; what to expect next year

*Topics may change based on feedback from participants. Before each session, we will poll the participants to find out how you and your peers would like to spend the session.

Session Materials

Providing tax volunteers and clients information about the Affordable Care Act:

  • Action Idea 1 – Tax sites can develop a script or set of basic points that all volunteers cover with tax clients as a part of completing their tax return
  • Action Idea 2 – Tax sites can provide basic handouts and resources about the Affordable Care Act and its implications for clients’ 2014 tax returns
  • Action Idea 3 – Tax sites can use the Subsidy Calculator (yes, it works on mobile devices!) to help clients roughly calculate their Premium Tax Credits and estimate their out-of-pocket health insurance premiums
    Access the Kaiser Subsidy Calculator here. Watch a video about using the Kaiser Calculator here.
  • Action Idea 4 – Tax sites can use the ACA Penalty Calculator to help clients roughly calculate their tax penalties if they don’t enroll in affordable health insurance.
    Access the Penalty Calculator here.

Helping tax clients apply for health insurance through the exchanges:

  • Action Idea 4 – Tax sites can screen clients for health insurance and for potential Premium Tax Credits
    CBPP published a screening tool here.
  • Action Idea 5 – Tax sites can refer clients to a third party – located at the tax site or elsewhere – for help completing a application
    CBPP published a sample referral form here.
  • Action Idea 6 – Tax sites can provide basic assistance in completing health insurance exchange applications, often with information that clients already have with them

Assisting tax clients with health insurance plan selection:

  • Action Idea 7 – Tax sites can train their volunteers to be Certified Application Counselors (CAC)
    Apply to be a CAC here.

General Resources

Watch the A Wealthier and  Healthier Tax Time Webinar

Become a Certified Application Counselor

Get more information about the Earned Income Tax Credit:

Training Resources:

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