Rural Affordable Homes through Land Trusts

With its beaches, forests, farms, and bucolic villages, Orcas Island – a rural island of 5,000 residents off the coast of northwest Washington State – has long drawn honeymooning, whale-watching, kayaking tourists and, increasingly, tech-exec millionaires building luxury homes. But as the “hidden Paradise” reputation of Orcas grew with vacationers and second home-owners, soaring land and home prices increasingly made living on the island challenging for the low- and modest-income full-time residents who originally called Orcas home and kept it running – teachers, health techs, waiters, builders, artists, and small business owners.  In … [Read More...]


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Average Earned Income Tax Credit by State (2013)

Nationally, the average 2013 EITC (for the 2012 tax year) was $2,335 according to the IRS. The figures, however, varied widely by state. In Vermont, … [Read More...]

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