City of Manistique's Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

The City of Manistique adopted a non-motorized transportation plan as part of a community effort to improve health. Photo: City of Manistique.

Mighty Bold Manistique

Rural places face significant health challenges in the United States. According to data from, rural places rank worse on health behaviors, health outcomes, and access to clinical care than their urban counterparts. So it takes some mighty bold thinking and acting for a small town to create a healthier community in just five years. … [Read More...]


Percent of Tax Returns Claiming EITC

Tax returns from rural counties are slightly more likely to claim EITC. Of all returns filed in 2012, 22% of returns from rural counties claim the … [Read More...]

Rural EITC Claims by State

Families living in rural and mixed-rural counties claim $24 billion in Earned Income Tax Credits annually*. In total, 6.1 million families (about … [Read More...]

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