A Rural Pipeline Everyone Can Support

A Rural Pipeline Everyone Can Support

Three hours north of Maine’s largest city, Franklin County leaders envisioned a thriving community in which working families could attain higher education levels that improved their family’s economic status [RuFES Grow It Goal 5]. Like their counterparts in many rural places, Franklin County families faced three major barriers to getting the post-secondary education they need to get ahead: distance, cost and culture. … [Read More...]


Higher Education Lagging in Rural and Mixed-Rural Counties

Forty-eight percent of adults living in rural counties*, 37 million people, have not received a college degree or participated in college … [Read More...]

One-in-Five New Rural Americans is Foreign-Born

Over 11 million new residents moved to rural and mixed-rural* counties across the United States since 2000. Of the 11 million, 2.3 were foreign-born. … [Read More...]

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