Keep It Goal 7
Families know about and take full advantage of the wide range of available public and private services that help reduce their cost of living.

Common Sense
  • Many community organizations, public agencies and other institutions offer free or low-cost goods and services that working families or families in crisis can use to make ends meet.
  • The array of services that is available can be confusing, hard to navigate – and in rural places, hard to get to.
  • In rural places, where everyone knows everyone else, families tend to be reluctant to apply for services for reasons of pride or embarrassment – or because of the time, energy or gasoline spent to obtain those services might exceed the benefit.

Fast Facts

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Internet Access Campaign

The Basic Idea: Help low-income people get Internet access to increase their ability to access information and services.


The Basic Idea: Provide an affordable alternative to high cost money transfer operators (MTOs) for immigrants living in the U.S. to remit much needed funds to their family and friends abroad.

Town Welcome Center

The Basic Idea: Help your community grow and thrive by creating a space and/or resource to connect new residents with culturally competent services, resources and opportunities.

Sizing Up Rural … For Sizing Down

Over the past 10 years, the national obesity rate has increased – from less than 15 percent in 1990 to over 30 percent in 2010.  So has the dialogue about what to do about it. While a groundswell of inspiring media stories feature communities taking on obesity through farmers markets and walking trails, few stories […]

Combining Tax Prep and Affordable Health Insurance

A Wealthier and Healthier Tax Time The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) launch in October brought big changes to the coming tax-filing season.  This year only, health insurance enrollment under ACA will overlap with tax season.  While penalties will apply in future tax seasons, this year, families can enroll in health insurance and get the coverage […]

Now Enter the Marketplace!

Ensuring Rural Family Health Insurance — As anyone with an ear on the news knows, the new health insurance marketplaces launched October 1. These state-based online health insurance marketplaces, a key feature of the 2010 Affordable Care Act [ACA], offer a singular opportunity for RuFES network members: You can now apply your place-based, RuFES-honed wisdom […]

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